Famous Nordic Designers From Around The World

Scandinavian/Nordic design was popular around the world long before we came to know of IKEA. The European Scandinavian countries have always had a reputation of having state of the art styles when it comes to aesthetics and home decor. However, it was not until the 1950s, that many designers from the Nordic countries started becoming household names globally.


Nordic designers brought minimal shapes, clean lines, and organic texture into the game, and most of these designs are still popular today. The Nordic designs are some of the most sought-after and outstanding furniture designs in many parts of the world. The following are some of the famous designers from the Nordic region that you should consider including in your space.


Kaare Klint, Denmark (1888 – 1954)


Most decor lovers consider Kaare Klint to be the father of contemporary Danish furniture design. He took an interest in design early in life since his father was an architect. He produced his first furniture design project at the age of 26 and went on to inspire other renowned designers like Jens Risom. One of the best works that people know Kaare Klint for is The Safari Chair. He also had kids room decor ideas for a small room that became popular because of its space-saving design. 


Jens Risom, Denmark (1916 – 2016)


Born in Denmark, Jens Risom moved to America in 1939. By this time, Risom already had finished business school and worked under another renowned Danish designer, Kaare Klint. His best furniture design project, The Risom Lounge Chair, is still in production even today. The Risom Lounge Chair was one of the first pieces of furniture from the now popular American design firm, Knoll.


Greta Grossman, Sweden (1906 – 1999)


Greta Grossman started her design career in her home country and made a name for herself before relocating to the United States. She opened up shop in California and went on to do projects from several notable personalities in America. Some of the people that Greta worked for include fellow Swedish namesake and actress Greta Garbo. She also sold Swedish designs to the most renowned American musician, Frank Sinatra. Greta Grossman’s best-known work is The Grasshopper Lamp.


Finn Juhl, Denmark (1912 – 1989)


Finn Juhl became of the most influential Nordic designers during his time in the industry. He is one of the most famous designers known for delivering Danish design styles to the United States alongside several other famous designers. His first project in the United States came at the New York Museum of Modern Art in 1951. Finn’s beautiful designs became so popular that he has even received some awards posthumously as recent as in 2010. His home is now a museum in Copenhagen. The Chieftain’s Chair is his most notable work.


Josef Frank, Sweden (1885 – 1967)


Originally from Austria, Josef became a Swedish citizen in the 1930s where he worked for a design company called Svenskt Tenn. It is here that Josef produced most of his best works in the form of colorful fabric designs. Many hotels and homes still rock his fabric designs today. One of the most notable places in Josef’s compositions is The Maidstone Hotel in New York that has many of his designs in place.